Cockatiel Chromatics

Cockatiel Chromatics is a website dedicated to the smallest member of the cockatoo subfamily, the cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus).

The aim of this site is to help those interested in cockatiels from the beginners to the more advanced, with an emphasis placed on gathering and sharing knowledge of all the color variations and how they're passed on, as well as the special qualities tied to them.

The author of this site, Ida-Emilia Kaukonen, is Finnish by native. Thus, the original and wider version of this site is in Finnish. The domain name "Neitokakadut" is also Finnish and means "Cockatiels".

Latest blog entries!

"I will buy a bird from you."

I have received many messages about people wanting to buy my birds. Often with just words "I will buy this cockatiel how much" etc. I appreciate very much your interest! However...

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10 000 likes!!!

10 000 likes on Cockatiel Chromatics Facebook! I can't believe this!

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Pastelface mask change

My sweet pastelface male Vortex is changing his face mask. Check out how it has developed so far!

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WOHOO! The reformed site has been published!

TADADADAAA! At last! My great love, my "child", my forever-project and life work - this website - has experienced the latest renewal and reform, being updated into modern age. I've spent the last four months writing, coding, editing, improving the quality, taking and getting new photos, banging my head against the wall and finally translating it to English. And now, finally it's in publishing shape!

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Latest articles

Cockatiels and wing clipping

Wing clipping is an act where the owner or a veterinariar clips some of the flight feathers of a companion parrot. The concrete result of this act is that the bird can no longer fly until the feathers grow back. Even though it's still relatively commonly done, there are many unethical sides about this act. Why is wing clipping done in a first place? Why should it not be done? What are the better options?

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"Why is my cockatiel aggressive?"

What makes a cockatiel attack? What are the reasons behind the aggressive behavior? How can you build a better relationship with an aggressive bird?

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Dominant silvers - Progress of the color from chick till adulthood

The dominant silver (aka "dominant edged" or "UK silver") is a lovely color that is known to be lighten progressively at each molt. There's a lot of variation among this color allready, so how can one tell which babies really are dominant silvers? And how does the color change? This article assumes that the reader knows some basic genetics and is familiar with the dominant silver mutation and coloration.

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Aggression and out-of-control egg-laying - What happened to cockatiels in fall of 2007?

A question was posted to me on 30th of August in 2007 on cockatiels. Routine for me but this question stood out from the rest.

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How the first special colors were imported

Before the year 2005 there were only six different colors in Finland. These colors were normal grey, pearl, lutino, cinnamon, pied and whiteface. But I had seen some pictures of dominant silvers and started to dream about them. I also fell in love with the sex-linked yellowcheeks. I was very young during the time but I received the importing licence and started to search for the perfect breeder.

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2016 Spring

Cinnamon spli to pied
Pastelface-whiteface (maybe split to lutino/pearl)

Egg 1: 30.03.


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