Cockatiel care and management

Cockatiels combine characteristics of many other animals. They are higly social like dogs but then again independent as cats. Their diet has something similar with rhodents. Still, a cockatiel is a bird, a parrot. It's an exotic creature with an amazing ability to fly. These things must be taken in concern in cockatiel care and management. This part is about bringing a new cockatiel home, about the first steps and the life later on.

If you have purchased a fledgling cockatiel and have managed to tame it to some extent, you will soon notice that it is just like a baby. It is exeedingly curious, wants to taste everything that it gets in it's sight, and even everything dangerous and scary has to be inspected closely and touched. So it is wise to look after the fledgling so it doesn't get in to trouble.

Remember also that your new Cockatiel faces a critical period. It has been separated from its parents and siblings, and it's going through a major life disaster, also because of the moving in to the new family. Also an adult cockatiel needs your understanding. You may have acquired a rescue cockatiel, which has a dark past behind him. Give the rookie some time and, therefore, please remember to respect the privacy of the bird. You'll get pretty far allready when you can identify with the thoughts of the bird and learn how to see the world through the eyes of the Cockatiel.

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