Cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus) is the smallest member of the Cockatoo (Cacatuinae) subfamily. It's one of the most popular pet parrot species - and not without a reason!

Compared to the larger relatives, cockatiels are relavitely easy to take care of. Many people have been charmed by their cheerful character, convenient size, graceful shape and the variety of all the color mutations. As it is, however, an exotic bird and still partly wild animal, there still are many things to concider. With a little effort the owner must guarantee the pet cockatiel as good conditions as possible. How should you take care of your cockatiel? Why does your cockatiel behave like it does? What are the common mistakes you can do when owning a parrot? How do you breed cockatiels and how can you tell what their color is? This website will give you an introduction to the lovely world of cockatiels. Please do remember that my native language is Finnish. Any help with correcting the grammar errors will be concidered very helpful. Thank you! Enjoy!

Photo: Shutterstock/BildagenturZoonarGmbH

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