TADADADAAA! At last! My great love, my "child", my forever-project and life work - this website - has experienced the latest renewal and reform, being updated into modern age. I've spent the last four months writing, coding, editing, improving the quality, taking and getting new photos, banging my head against the wall and finally translating it to English. And now, finally it's in publishing shape!

The last time that Cockatiel Chromatics was really updraded was in 2010. I was falsly diagnosed with the bird fancier's lung and before the diagnose I spent time at home, creating the site and trying to improve it. I had plenty of time and it took about 2-3 months to do everything again. Time makes memories appear more golden and perhaps I forgot how large work it is to transfer a website that is this huge, having two different languages and all. At first I was supposed to just to create a new layout and move the page from CMS made simple to Joomla - but I kinda got carried away. :P

The project begun in January (2014). At first I did the Finnish section (that still is much wider than the English version of the site). I widened the texts, made corrections, wrote things using better language and overall created more material to study. Then I started to switch the picture material, aiming to offer you a bit better quality material. Many cockatiel sites are okay but in my eyes the pictures have often a bit weak quality that may cause confusion. This took time since each picture had to be of course resized, loaded to the system, coded to each page and set well. I didn't use any WYSIWYG editors ("What you see is what you get", for example Frontpage, Word Press or Dreamweaver) - because they tend to create bad code. This time I wanted the code to be clean. All this took forever - and then I had to do it again.

Sisu says hi!

So, what's new?

-The whole layout: much more space for the text and pictures. Frontpage has a slider and many quick links. There are also intros and hilights.
- Latest images showing in the front page
- CMS made simple -> Joomla
- New pictures, mostly. The picture material has much better quality than it was before.
- Corrections and widenings to the texts.
- There are a great amount of new translations - even though some pages still lack their translation. But, many translations have also been improved a bit. I'm trying my best to learn English better and if I write something that you don't understand please e-mail me. Sometimes, if I don't know the word, I use dictionaries. And sometimes dictionaries are wrong. :D
- The color pages (or most of them) have a new second heades: "Gene behind the color"

There may be some mistakes and missing links but I'll do my best to correct them.

So please, do visit the Guestbook and tell me if you like it! And also be so kind and share the link, like the FB site and help me to spread Cockatiel Chromatics. That's how we get to help all the cockatiels world wide to have a little bit better life. :)

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