My sweet pastelface male Vortex is changing his face mask. Check out how it has developed so far!

As many of you know, the male cockatiel changes its face mask when they are coming towards maturity. We have gotten used to see the normal colored face change but since I have never seen a pastelface face mask change with my own eyes I decided to document it. So here are some pictures of Vortex!

This is where we started. Here's Vortex, eating corn. Picture by Vortex's breeder, Lieke Gielen.

And here you can see that the molt has started. Some of the crest feathers are now missing and there's a yellow beard growing!

Vortex has also started to produce more melanin - typical for males. The new feathers are looking very dark and I'm hoping that he will receive a nice, smooth, dark tone! You can see the new feathers growing at his back.

...Aaaaand then he started to look like someone smashed him to a blender.

These are the newest pictures! The plumage has started to recover and looks already much smoother than it did. But he still looks a bit messy. Anyways, you can slowly already see how he's developing. More pictures coming up later as he continues the change. :)

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