10 000 likes on Cockatiel Chromatics Facebook! I can't believe this!

Some weeks ago I checked out and noticed that the FB page of this site had been gathering more activity than in a while. A couple shares probably did it, and after certain point the like curves started to go up in a mad speed that was accelerating all the time! This morning I woke up and noticed that the page had just received 10 000 likes. That's amazing! I can't thank you enough! Motivated by that, I just updated the gallery and added some new pictures. I also updated my breeding pair page and finally added the correct pairs and years to the breeding side bar. Woah. I'm just... stunned! Never imagined I could receive that much. O__O I feel like I could actually make a difference by helping these little creatures!

So thank you so, so much! You are all so sweet! Take care of your birdies! And stay tuned to receive more pics, tips etc. :)

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