I have received many messages about people wanting to buy my birds. Often with just words "I will buy this cockatiel how much" etc. I appreciate very much your interest! However...

...I would kindly ask you to notice that this is not a bird shop page or a wholesale. My birds are unfortunately not for sale unless the caption tells something else. And please be polite and ask, instead of just telling. I would appreciate it.

It is possible to negotiate about a deal, of course. In that case, I would kindly ask you to e-mail me the following information:

- Tell me who you are, how long have you had birds and why do you want a bird from me.
- Give me a guarantee of the conditions you would offer: send me pictures, tell me about your birds, tell me how you treat them and tell me about your relationship towards your birds. If you are truly interested in buying a cockatiel from me you would need to follow at least the Finnish minimun standards and common rules. (All this can be found from my website
- Explain me your importing plan, tell me how will you transport the bird(s). Have you found out which company would transport birds?
- Make me impressed. Assure that you can offer a good home - that you are a good bird keeper and not only a self-bragging mass-producer.
- If your English skills are very poor (It doesn't have to be perfect, mine is not either!), please ask a friend to do your first message's translation and also mention that your language skills are not very good. Why? Because often I get the impression that people aren't dedicated to the thought and effort that importing would take, if they don't give any input when writing a message to me. After I know that it's about the language barrier and not just disregard, I am glad to help for example by using translator or something.

Please notice that my clutches are very often booked months, sometimes even a year before the chicks even hatch. But that doesn't stop you from trying: sometimes there comes cancellations and by staying in queue you can get lucky!

I don't sell my birds to be clipped or to be held in a little cage without any activities. Call me a hippie, but this thing will not change. My birds are living creatures, not strickers. Am I strict? Yes, I am. Am I selective when it comes to customers? Yes, I am. I admit. That's because I'm here to serve the birds, not human. But remember that minor experience doesn't make you a bad bird owner: You can always ask if something is unclear and I am more than happy to help you whenever I can and have time.

It is good to keep in mind that Finnish parrot hobby culture might be a bit different from some countries. For example cheating or faking the truth is taken very seriously here and any swindling, fraud or deceitfulnes are concidered despicable. I do not want to sound unpolite in any matter, even though I might. If so, my greatest apologies. These things might be tricky to explain in a correct tone. I just want you to understand that from my perspective every message just telling me that someone will buy a bird from me sounds a little bit incorrect. So let's talk and negotiate! Approach me by asking nicely and I will reply back nicely. That's the best way to work things out. Have a nice day and play with your birdies!


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