Training cockatiels

Training is an important part of your bird hobby. Training means that the human can het the bird to act in a certain way in a certain environment - or without acting at all. Training is much more than just teaching tricks: it is changing the behavior and teaching another creature who doesn't share your language. For example training can be taming or just showing your birds that they can be relaxed.

Training offers you a great way to keep the bird happy and activated. Learning tricks strenghtens the bond between you and your bird. Training will also help you through everyday life with your bird. You can teach your bird how to take medicine without being forced to capture it at all. If you have patience, wits and quick reactions, you can even train 20 headed flock to go to cage without touching even one of them.


In this picture Sisu the cockatiel is having a target training session. Target training means that the bird has to follow a target and touch it. Sisu's target is the feather. Target training is a great way to teach your bird to go to a certain place.

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